The Jackson Laboratory

JAX Symposium

2020 JAX Calendar

Your adventure begins like so many before,
with excitement and passion, a tale of lore.
There are dwarves and kings and samurais, too,
all on the quest to fight disease with you.
Faced with 12 challenges, and prizes galore,
this journey will be anything but a bore.

Before you set off, you’ll have three challenges to complete,
to prove you are worthy of this upcoming feat.
First, you must submit the form on this site,
and send your info to the renowned JAX Knight.
Second, you need to confirm the site of your castle,
so the JAX Knight can avoid any mix-ups or hassles.
At last, you’ll receive notice that your adventure has commenced,
And you will wait eagerly while your calendar is dispensed.

What an honor for you to join the JAX Knight on this quest,
and save the kingdom with one of the best!

Fill out this form to order a mint 
copy of the 2020 JAX Calendar print.
Upon submission you will be delivered 
an email asking you to confirm your address for the postal wizard.
Confirming your shipping address is a requirement,
and not doing so will result in no calendar sent.
If you are a JAX enthusiast and want more than three,
you must email [email protected] and request specially.
If you hail from within Russian, North Korean, or Iranian borders,
we are very sorry but we can’t accept your orders.
The JAX Calendar is also a part of our monthly trivia game,
the JAX Challenge, it is called an endeavor of fame.
Each month your email will receive a question in trivia style. 
If you submit correctly you may win a prize from our treasure pile!